Getting Started (cc101)
Care Coordination Core Competencies
Getting Started (cc101)
This module will introduce you to care coordination and its nine core competencies. The core competencies are: 1. Therapeutic Alliance 2. Assessment 3. Coordinated Care Planning 4. Communication 5. Collaboration 6. Solution Focused 7....
Therapeutic Alliance (cc102)
Care Coordination Core Competencies
Therapeutic Alliance (cc102)
This module will help you develop an understanding of what therapeutic alliance is and identify strategies and techniques that can help you to build rapport with your patients and their families.
Assessment (CC103)
Care Coordination Core Competencies
Assessment (CC103)
This module will help you better assess patients by considering the social determinants of health, while using standard assessment tools and best practices.
Coordinated Care Planning (cc104)
Care Coordination Core Competencies
Coordinated Care Planning (cc104)
This module will help you develop an understanding of Coordinated Care Planning, how to initiate a Coordinated Care Plan (CCP), and how to conduct and facilitate a care conference.
Communication (cc105)
Care Coordination Core Competencies
Communication (cc105)
This module will help you to identify the different components to communication and how to mitigate any communication barriers between patient and care provider.
Collaboration (cc106)
Care Coordination Core Competencies
Collaboration (cc106)
This module will help you identify how inter-professional collaboration enhances outcomes for patients, the system, and facilitates a healthy work environment for all providers.
Solution Focused (cc107)
Care Coordination Core Competencies
Solution Focused (cc107)
This module will help you identify the concept of being solution focused and the strategies you can use to remain solution focused in times of conflict.
Patient Safety and Quality (cc108)
Care Coordination Core Competencies
Patient Safety and Quality (cc108)
This module will help you develop an understanding of how patient safety is linked to quality care and how to mitigate risk through Continuous Quality Improvement.
Care Transitions (cc109)
Care Coordination Core Competencies
Care Transitions (cc109)
This module will help you develop an understanding of where care transitions occur and how to adopt best practices to ensure successful care transitions.
Navigation (cc110)
Care Coordination Core Competencies
Navigation (cc110)
This module will introduce learners to the importance of health literacy and the role it plays in supporting a patient’s navigation through the health and social system.

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